Friday, March 27, 2009


I read in the URJ newsletter that there was a conference held in Budapest (aka my hometown), Hungary about Antisemitism. Unfortunately, according to this article (and others that are available for me here) Antisemitism is on the rise in Europe -- and therefore in Hungary --, especially among the middle class people. I simply do not understand what the reason for that could be. The middle class is supposed to be educated and well-off economically, which makes the whole issue even more nonsense. What is their problem???

There is this stupid thing, the Hungarian National Guard (or something like that) which is already considered illegal because of its racist and anti-Semite views but they still keep inaugurating officials and "soldiers". For some reason they think they are going to turn the world upside down just because they shave their heads, chant hatred-filled slogans (that BTW do not make any sense to anyone having an IQ score above 75) and attempt to provoke upheaval -- well, fortunately with less success than they expect. But still.

I mean, come on, people, how could anyone (who is sane or close enough to be so) honestly believe that the Jewish, the Gay, the Gypsy or whatever group of people is solely responsible for a worldwide crisis. This just does not make any sense. And still, a lot of people believe it. Sometimes I feel like I am too naive when I think that people are not considered animals because they can think. Apparently and unfortunately not all members of the human race share the blessing of the ability to think and to make sense of complex ideas. They are the ones who chose hatred and violence. I don't like to think about that but when I do it makes me really sad and I feel disappointed.

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