Monday, April 6, 2009

Jesus vs. Moses

I have just read a lot about Christianity vs Judaism and I have to tell you that there was this huge gap in my knowledge that has just been (at least partially, because one never knows "too much" or "enough" :-)) filled up. I never knew, for instance, the origin of the opposition between Jews and Christians. What I have learned just now is that Christianity was practically defined in opposition to Judaism, so there. No wonder there is a gigantic contrast.

Paul, who seems to be the first Christian defined Christianity in a way that it somehow degraded Judaism saying that Jewish teachings were outdated and, of course, no Jew could be saved and/or go to Heaven unless they converted to Christianity.
The idea of Jesus being the Christ (messiah or savior?) is foreign for me, as well as it is for Judaism. I mean, this idea lacks logic in many aspects -- well, at least for me it does. And my view is not based on scientific evidence, or for the most part it isn't, but it is based on what I hope to be common sense.

First of all, if Jesus really was God's son, why would God let him be killed and die for a humanity that already disappointed Him so many times. Second, there is no evidence -- aside from scriptures that have been edited well after Jesus' death -- that Jesus was of divine origin. What can be and, in fact, is proven is that he was a pious Jew who never taught anything not Jewish. Third, I am having a hard time believing that there is a heaven and moreover that one can get in there only by believing in Jesus as the Savior. These ideas may have been acceptable and they may have even made sense at the time they were established, no doubts there. But honestly I don't think that they make too much sense nowadays, now that humanity knows so much about itself and its environment -- far and near.

In my view the biggest difference between the two faiths is that one is able to renew itself constantly and adapt to the changing circumstances -- therefore flexible --, while the other is stuck at a 2000 years old place and there is very little -- if any -- effort and attempt to adjust to contemporary values. The world evolves, life goes on, people do research -- and if they are God's creation then God should not be angry with them because they use their ability of thinking that was given to them by God --, rigidity is not viable anymore.

It is very interesting for me, how originally Christianity started out as a "progressive" sect of Judaism -- it was probably meant to go past Judaism -- and defined Judaism to be outdated. It may have been the case then, but today it is definitely not. The opposite, if anything. Between a faith that takes their Holy Scriptures literally and think that condoms are "dangerous" and they are not protecting against STD's and a faith that promotes planned parenthood and welcomes every scientific breakthrough, even supports it ... well, it is not hard to see where the idea of "outdated" can be fit better. Unfortunately I do not have a very positive opinion about Christianity but I wholeheartedly respect good people whatever their religion may be.

I think the best way is to let everyone follow the faith they choose and follow the "live and let live" ideology. I never understood why would any religion be forced on people. I mean, faith is something that can not be forced, by definition, just as love.

All in all, goodness is not measured by religion, but by good deeds. I don't like pushing ideas, especially if the other party is clearly not interested, therefore I sometimes feel insulted when I see a giant poster saying that I have to choose between heaven or hell -- I recently saw one while driving on the Interstate. I think it is not this simple. I also think these two places do not exist, therefore this choice is not a valid one. Finally, I think such an "offer" to choose is rather a threat than anything. And just as love, faith can not be and almost never is the answer to a threat.

I would love to live in a place where Christian, Muslim and Jew could and would respect each other and I see there is hope. There is also a lot of work to be done but I am confident that we are getting there, slowly but surely.


  1. Dear jew 2B There is hope that Christian,Muslim and Jew could respect each other. I believe your confusion about Jesus
    and Christianity has to do with the false teaching you must have endured .

    St Paul teaches us that Jesus was was a high
    priest after the order of Melchisidik . This means he was selected by God and not any church or religious group. Abraham payed
    tithes to Melchisidik. Abraham was not part
    of the Jewish Faith because he was born over
    400 years before Moses was born. Abraham is the father of Christin, Muslim and Jew. Jesus was his priest . He was also from the Jewish tribe of Isaac, Jacob and Judah .
    St Paul teaches us that there is no religious
    differnce, no male or female in Jesus Christ.
    Read the book of Hebrew in the Bible also
    the book of Galations. Both in the New Testament, perhaps you will find that you believe the scriptures as they were actually
    written . Certainly sounds like it.
    Although we all fall short of God's perfection He cares about you because of your
    faith and belief. He is just not interested
    in your good works. They simply show how much you allow God to work in your life.
    God has a plan for your life and it is a plan
    for good. Do not worry about the prophets of doom and despair our world has always had
    these kind of "religious" people around.
    Jesus saw through these people and that is another way we know that he had God's wisdom

    Good success in your search for God's love
    you are on your way to finding it.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    thank you for your comment, I appreciate your thoroughness. I don't know if you are Christian but I believe you are and therefore I am even more pleased by your comment. Thank you for the insights on Christianity.
    Although, to my best knowledge, Abraham is indeed the father of the Jewish people, he was the one chosen by God to establish the nation of Israel with Sarah. Moses is considered the greatest prophet for Jews but not the father of the faith and the people. He was the one who led the Jews out of Egypt, away from slavery. He could not enter the Promised land, after all, it served as a punishment from God.

    Moreover, I do not agree that God is not interested in our good work. I am convinced that our good deeds are the only (if any) ways to please him. I do not believe that my faith would be "enough" for God partly because of the very possibility God gave us to doubt God's existence.

    I am certainly glad that you share my hopeful vision of peace among all religions and peoples. I hope there is many of us out there, more and more, enough to ultimately bring peace about.

    I wish all the best to you!